My Childhood

Thinking back on my childhood days, many memories come to my mind, and I can tell you that my childhood is filled with adventure and fun. I can even vividly remember the incidents that happened when I was in kindergarten! Let me share with you some interesting events.

When I was a toddler, my favourite soft toy was Elmo. When he was bought, I hugged him all the time, sometimes even during meals! Once, I tried feeding him porridge. My parents stopped me in time and explained that Elmo was not alive and could survive without food.

When I was in kindergarten, I visited Henry Park for the first time. The canteen was extremely crowded, and I got separated from my parents. I tried getting out of the noisy canteen but could not find my way out. Feeling scared, I cried loudly. Luckily, a teacher brought me to a counter in the Kidzone, where I found my parents. Whenever I think back on this event, I would laugh- how could I get lost in the school canteen?

Since young, my parents let me go to camps alone to make me braver. One of the camps I enjoyed the most was the “Commanders Camp” which was organized by YMCA. I went there when I was Primary two. We brought water guns there to fight “wars”. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was elated when I got promoted to the rank “First Class Corporal”.

In primary three, I changed class from 2Kindness to 3Boldness. At first, I felt lonely, as only one of my 2Kindness classmates was in my class. On the first day of school, I was partnering a boy that I did not know. He was slightly plump and had spiky hair. I decided to make friends with him. I introduced myself to him and he too introduced himself. After we talked to each other for a while, we got to know each other better, and we have been the best of friends since then. This boy is Ernest. We do many projects together, and I plan to keep in touch with him.

As you can see, my childhood has been exciting and fun. Even though my childhood days are going to be over soon, I will always remember them well.


In school, I study

Maths, Science, English and Chinese.

The one I like best,

Numbers, Signs and Graphs

Describes the truth of our lives,

My favourite is Maths

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