P5 Camp

I have recently finished the action-packed P5 camp. I enjoyed the camp very much. The food there was very good, the activities were fun and my group leader was funny. Some of my friends did not like the food as they either did not like vegetables or did not like the way the food was cooked. As for me, I liked eating vegetables since I was very young and I did not expect the food to be as nice as expensive restaurants or even as nice as the normal foods that I ate in my home. That must be the reason why I enjoyed the food at the camp.

On the first day, we were given mostly briefings about the camp and how to behave in the camp. It was quite a boring day. (I also found out that the toilets were dirty.) However, on the second day, we did many activities. My favourite activity was abseiling. I had already abseiled before in New Zealand and I found out that abseiling was fun. (Refer to My First Time Abseiling). However, the wall that I was about to abseil down was higher than the one I did in New Zealand. I managed to abseil down safely.

Another fun activity was the CRC (Challenge Rope Course). Some tyres and logs were suspended and we were supposed to cross from one end to the other. Unfortunately, I did not manage to do it because there was not enough time.

The campfire was the best. All the groups took turns to sing their own cheers. I shouted very loudly and thoroughly enjoyed myself.


MyStErYiOuS 25 February 2009 at 19:30  

is that a compo or post?

samuel 1 March 2009 at 11:46  

Alex, you rock. I like the way you write your posts man. Campfire's burning now!

samuel 1 March 2009 at 11:50  

Hi alex, your posts are nice and steady. So glad to be able to sit and relax right? Please come to see my blog man.

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