Do You Know What You Are Eating?

I am going to share with you about an article which I read from Reader’s Digest. It is about trans fats and how bad trans fats are for our health. I have chosen to talk about this topic because many Singaporeans tend to eat too much fatty foods. Do you know that trans fats is even unhealthier than saturated fats? After reading this article, I have found out that the foods with the most amount of trans fats are doughnuts and chocolate biscuits.

Trans fats are a kind of unsaturated fat that is made either by heating up oil or bubbling hydrogen with liquid oils. Studies have also shown that people who eat too much trans fats are more vulnerable to heart diseases. Doctors also say that if we replace the amount of trans fats that we eat with good fats, the chances of you getting a heart disease will decrease by 53%!

In many countries, the government is trying to reduce the amount of trans fats in foods.

Excessive trans fats can result in coronary heart diseases, which happens when the arteries are blocked by fats. We should not only focus on limiting our trans fats intake---For example, palm oil contains very little trans fats, but is made up of 50% of saturated fats. Actually, if we try to cut down on our saturated fats intake, we tend to also cut down on our trans fats intake.

Another way to cut down on our trans fat intake is to trim off the fat meat. You must also remember to eat more vegetables and fruits. All in all, we must all try to cut down on our trans fats intake.


B.E.T.S(Benny's evil twin sis) :)) 16 March 2009 at 20:41  

Yes, i have also read up on an article similar to yours.My personal comment:Your blog is fantastic though your posts sounds like compos they describe how you actually felt.Alex try putting some less scientific posts try adding in some funny kind of posts(no offence).Generally, your blog is recommendable, its fantastic!Nice effort put in while posting...visit mine if you are free(

B.E.T.S(Benny's evil twin sis) :)) 16 March 2009 at 20:42  

Benny wants me to follow your blog, not me...

samuel 2 April 2009 at 19:47  

Nice science facts! Now we all know how to eat, even thought i now how to eat properly. Good advice Alex!

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