Ancient Greece for me?

a Greek temple

Would I want to live in Ancient Greece? Well, there are some pros and cons living there. Let me start with the advantages. I feel interested to know about the lifestyle of the people living in Ancient Greece, so I want to live there to get some first- hand experience. Secondly, I want to try to learn their letters from teachers and how they write with the stylus. I also want to try the lyre there, as lyres are hard to find nowadays. Hearing that there are many temples and theatres in Greece, I want to visit their temples to see how people worship their gods. I would want to see their plays, too. Visiting the Greece capital, Athens, would also be fun.

Now, I will go on to the advantages of modern life. Modern teachers are probably more knowledgeable and would teach children better. We also have better technology than the people in Greece, for example, TVs, radios, computers, books and even electricity to power most items. We can now watch movies, know about things happening at the other side of the planet and have a good education. The people in Greece certainly did not have these luxuries. Furthermore, we have nicer clothes and buildings.

So, my conclusion is that I would still want to live in Ancient Greece. It would be fun to find out their history and lifestyle.


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