My Friend Jazli

One of my best friends is Jazli Tan, a Malay boy in my class. When I was in the school’s badminton CCA, I met him. At that time, I did not talk to him much, but now that we are in the same class, I know him better.

Jazli understands basic Chinese as he goes for Chinese tuition. He is fun guy and has many friends. He is also the fastest runner in class, it is challenging to try to catch him. During recess, my other friends and I like to play catching with Jazli. I have yet to play a badminton match with him and I would love to do so one day.

Here is an acrostic poem I have written about Jazli:

Jazli runs very fast
And he is
Zealous about badminton.
In class during discussion.


Unknown 9 August 2009 at 15:58  

You should have added Jazli, Up On A Tree!

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