Jumping off the car, I was almost hopping with nervousness. The day to receive my PSLE results was here. I kept reassuring myself that I already had a DSA offer to Hwa Chong, my dream school, but my heart was pounding wildly. I had already made some unforgivable mistakes and was not sure about my English Comprehension. Wild thoughts rushed through my mind. What will I get? What if I perform below my parent's expectations? Would they be disappointed? My father guessed that I would get 266, and my mother guessed 267. I was not sure if I could meet their guesses. When I sat down with my classmates in the hall, everybody's faces were calm and were still chatting happily and I forced the heavy feeling down.

"The nation's highest score was 282 and that of my school was 274 only." Yet another friend whispered to me. This rumour had spread through the class as fast as a bushfire spreads in a forest. If the highest was 274, what would I get? There were Gifted Education students in my school, and I would definitely score lower than most of them. What would I get? After what seemed like an eternity, the principal finally went on stage and confirmed the rumour. Then, he started to release the results. Top was two GEP students, followed by 272's, then 271's. Ah-Ha! The first in my class scored 270, and I was sixth in my class in the prelims. I stood a chance to get above 265! 269! No luck. 268! Still, my name was not on the screen. 267! I was starting to fret. Would I get below 265? 266! The names appeared on the screen. I searched the screen with a slight glimmer of hope. A familiar name caught my eye. It was mine! I whooped with joy. I had gotten 266!

My parents had guessed correctly! With a bright smile on their faces, they came over to me to take a photograph! My class had done relatively well, with an average of 259. Most of my friends were ecstatic that they were able to go to the top schools. I vowed to myself to work hard and do well in secondary school. I put down the heavy feeling in my heart and smiled.


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