My First Day at My Secondary School

"Hwa Chong, Ke Ba Ba! Ole Ole Ah Ah!" I was seated in the hall, watching my seniors cheer loudly. It was my first day at my new secondary school. I was in Group 2 and my group had two buddies who would lead us for the orientation days. I was very astonished that such a small group of people could cheer so loudly!

The buddies led us to our classroom to play some ice breaking games. One of the games was Whacko and its objective is to remember who the people in your group are. To start the game, one person stands in the centre of a circle of people. One person that is seated had to yell out someone's name. The person in the centre would need to run to the person and hit him with a stick before he says somebody else's name. That person would have to say another person's name before he is hit by the person in the centre. I was the one standing in the centre. I ran around, trying to hit one person. "James!" Someone in my group shouted. I ran to James and was about to hit him. Suddenly, he shouted out, "Alex!" Everyone roared with laughter. He was only allowed to call the other people seated and he was not supposed to call me. Later, we found out that he did not know who I was and had just memorised it earlier, when we were introducing ourselves! I felt that the games were interesting, and also allowed us to know each other.

That day, we also practised our cheers. We were asked to cheer as loudly as possible. The freshman beside me complained, " Cheering gives me sore throat! Why do we need to cheer?" We were still very soft because we were self-conscious- I had never done this sort of things before! "Come on everybody! Cheer louder and put your heart into the cheers! We cheer to show that we are proud to be part of Hwa Chong, and we love the school!" Our buddies reminded. Later on, we cheered louder and louder and before I knew it, I was cheering at the top of my voice. Magically, the cheers made us high-spirited and made us feel like part of the school!

During lunch, we rushed to the canteen. I was happy that there were not many people there yet. I queued up at the noodle store and saw that there were two queues. "The store must have made two queues due to the crowds," I thought. I chose the shorter queue and was excited that it was almost time for me to buy the noodles. The aroma coming from the store was so nice! To my dismay, when I was reaching the front, my friend in the other queue told me that I was queuing in the wrong line! That was not the ordering queue- it was the queue to wait for your noodles. By then, the ordering queue was so long that it snaked to the stairs behind. Since recess time was almost over, I had no choice but to switch to the mixed rice store because it had a much shorter queue.

That day, we also had many other activities, including the Amazing Race, the learning of the school song and painted our group flag. These activities were also very interesting and made us know our school better.

The first day at my Secondary school was one to remember and I had lots of fun. All of us looked forward to the next day and I hoped that the next day would be just as fun.


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