Population Explosion

The world population has recently risen to 7 billion- 6.5% of the number of humans ever born. Even though that is already a gigantic number of people that we have to care for, clothe and shelter, the good news is that we have the resources available to support this huge number of people in the world. Especially since almost 50% of the world’s population is made out of youngsters, those below 25, it means that education and healthcare is especially important in today’s world. The world definitely has the schools and hospitals to serve all these youths – they are abundant in the Western countries, and are now starting to pop up all over Asia too.

However, the main problem we have now is that these hospitals and schools are not always where the people are. For example, populations are booming in places like Africa and Somalia, but these places simply do not have the ability to support the growing population in their country. As a result, the surplus resources cannot reach the citizens of other countries. The current situation is as such – there are 1 in 8 people who are undernourished, 1 in 3 people lack a hygienic toilet, and 1 in 3 city dwellers lives in a slum. Essentially, we see that people who need help don’t get it. As a result of this, many people from poorer countries are now migrating over to the countries which provide more welfare and more protection. Consequently, the people in Singapore are complaining about the heavy influx of foreigners here.

The population explosion now may cause many problems, but there is always a silver lining to every cloud. Although the huge number of people may seem overwhelming at first, it is important that we are prepared for the future. Also, it is important to note that the young will soon enter the workforce, then boosting general economic growth.

Some interesting facts: 50.4% of the world population is male. This shows the obvious change from the past, especially in China, when the people no longer have a preference for male children. Women are now provided more power and rights- more job opportunities and such. Although the Internet now seems extremely widespread, with the growth of computer and android companies, there are actually 73% of people who do not use the Internet – this is probably because of the huge number of people in poorer states and nations like Africa.


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