Superheroes in New York

In New York, some young adults have started a new trend. At night, they dress up in superhero costumes and go out on the streets, helping the police to “fight crime”. Some carry pepper spray, mace and police batons, and other more conservatives ones bring only their cellphones along. Their aim is similar to that of the superheroes we see on the television screen – to fight crime, but they are not related to the police force. They believe that dressing up as a superhero and then appearing in public will not only help to enforce the law, but at the same time, is fun and enjoyable.

The views of the people are mixed. Some feel that these “superheroes” will help to deter people from committing crime, but at the same time some just think that this will only make the world weirder. In my opinion, I feel that the “superheroes” will not be effective in enforcing the law. The most important reason for this is that these superheroes are not taken seriously due to their informal outfits. If I were about to commit crime, I definitely would not be deterred by the superheroes’ presence. However, the most important role of these “superheroes” would be to act as eyes and ears for the police when the latter is not around. When these “superheroes” see offenders of the law, they can make reports to the police, and if these are petty crimes, the “superheroes” can settle it themselves.

The difference between these “superheroes” and other helpful citizens is that the “superheroes” go out actively looking for crimes for them to solve, and are prepared to unsolved crimes. For example, they have police batons or the pepper sprays to help them break up fights. On the other hand, the ordinary citizen plays more of a passive role, since most can only report to the police. Therefore, the idea of having these “superheroes” is effective. However, the police may not recognize these “superheroes”, and misunderstand the latter’s good intentions. This makes it tough for them to carry out their jobs properly. For example, one “superhero” was arrested by the police when he used a pepper spray whilst trying to break up a fight. In my opinion, the idea of having “superheroes” to patrol the streets is creative and useful, but the way things work need to be polished first.
A proper way to solve this would be to make things more organized. First of all, this organization must be properly recognized and accepted by both members of the police and the public. This ensures that no misunderstandings will occur. Rules and regulations can be set up for the organization, for instance what equipment are they allowed to hold. Secondly, members of this organization must record their names with the authorities, and then hold a badge representing the organization while in the costume. This ensures that the members are obliged to follow the rules and are authentic members of the organization. This will make things much clearer and experiences to be much more pleasant.

It is heartening to note that some people are still trying to help society in their free time, and think up a creative way of doing things. As a result of this, I believe that the atmosphere in countries like New York would be much brighter. To make the cause even more well-known, I feel that such an organization could make trips to schools to explain their cause. I believe that such an act could bring about a better sense of responsibility for their country, and thus also inculcate citizenship values in the process too.


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