Holiday Job Week

During the one week March holidays, besides resting and doing my homework, it was Job Week for the Scouts. We went from door to door and we ask for a job. We do this to raise funds to fund some of our Scout activities. Three jobs were quite interesting and I would like to share them with you.

Once, I was asked to play with a six-year old kid, whose name was Linus, for half an hour. I played with Linus’ toy cars and read a book to him. It was an Enid Blyton book about a soft toy cat that lost her eye. Even after I left the house, Linus followed me around the neighbourhood for quite a while.

Another time, an owner asked me to wash his dustbin for him. I thought, since it was not easy to get a job, I accepted the job. But once I discovered how smelly his dustbin was, I immediately regretted. It stank like rotten bananas! The owner first took out a few plastic bags, and then gave me a hose to wash the dustbin. I held my breath, and then started to wash the dustbin. After washing out the rubbish, I used a sponge to clean the insides. Yuck!

The funniest incident was when I was playing with a toddler. In his chubby hands was a strawberry that he never let go of. When I first played with him, we played with a few different toys, for example, a toy that gave out sounds when you pressed the buttons and a mouse and hammer game. I felt that the most interesting toy was a toy train that would give out music and go around on the floor. It also had a rotating belt that would make two big toy balls rotate in the train. Once, the toddler threw his strawberry inside the opening and nearly jammed up the whole system!

Job Week is very fun as we Scouts get to meet different people and discover what working is like.

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

I am going to share with you about an article which I read from Reader’s Digest. It is about trans fats and how bad trans fats are for our health. I have chosen to talk about this topic because many Singaporeans tend to eat too much fatty foods. Do you know that trans fats is even unhealthier than saturated fats? After reading this article, I have found out that the foods with the most amount of trans fats are doughnuts and chocolate biscuits.

Trans fats are a kind of unsaturated fat that is made either by heating up oil or bubbling hydrogen with liquid oils. Studies have also shown that people who eat too much trans fats are more vulnerable to heart diseases. Doctors also say that if we replace the amount of trans fats that we eat with good fats, the chances of you getting a heart disease will decrease by 53%!

In many countries, the government is trying to reduce the amount of trans fats in foods.

Excessive trans fats can result in coronary heart diseases, which happens when the arteries are blocked by fats. We should not only focus on limiting our trans fats intake---For example, palm oil contains very little trans fats, but is made up of 50% of saturated fats. Actually, if we try to cut down on our saturated fats intake, we tend to also cut down on our trans fats intake.

Another way to cut down on our trans fat intake is to trim off the fat meat. You must also remember to eat more vegetables and fruits. All in all, we must all try to cut down on our trans fats intake.

What Is Important In Life?

Family is more important than anything else. Although this is so, there are also other things which are important in life, such as integrity and money.

Many people treasure their families a lot but sometimes, people are so engrossed in their jobs that they forget about their families for a while. They also cannot spend a lot of time with their families and play with them.

Integrity is also very important. Integrity applies to everything you do, from school work to friends. If the whole world has no integrity, just think about it-we would not know who to trust, copying of answers during examinations would happen very frequently too and who knows, your friend might even tell you the wrong homework when you are absent from school!

Money is also essential for life necessities. We need money to purchase food, pay for school fees, and buy a house, furniture and many more reasons. We can also use money for luxurious reasons too, such as going for holidays, buying a car, a television and a computer.

OOPS…. Are computers luxuries or necessities?

I Have A Dream.....

“I have a dream…” Martin Luther King Junior had a dream about 45 years ago.

I also have a dream. I dream that one day, I would become a maths teacher. I would teach many students in all levels and give tution to those who are weaker in the subject.

I have a dream. I dream that one day, I would get a masters degree in maths from a top university. Then, I would spend my time finding easier ways of solving difficult problems. I would then give my easier solutions to the world and I would be FAMOUS!!!

I have a dream. I dream that I could go to Melbourne, Victoria, again. Recently, some destructive people lighted a fire somewhere in Victoria; causing 80% of Victoria to be burnt. I had enjoyed the beautiful scenery there last December and now it is burnt down. What a pity….

I have a dream. I dream that other children from poor families will be as fortunate as me; have the opportunity to go to a good school, eat scrumptious food three times a day, have books to read, toys to play, going on overseas holidays and most importantly, have loving parents and siblings.

I wish all our dreams will come true. These are my current thoughts in my mind.

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