Holiday Job Week

During the one week March holidays, besides resting and doing my homework, it was Job Week for the Scouts. We went from door to door and we ask for a job. We do this to raise funds to fund some of our Scout activities. Three jobs were quite interesting and I would like to share them with you.

Once, I was asked to play with a six-year old kid, whose name was Linus, for half an hour. I played with Linus’ toy cars and read a book to him. It was an Enid Blyton book about a soft toy cat that lost her eye. Even after I left the house, Linus followed me around the neighbourhood for quite a while.

Another time, an owner asked me to wash his dustbin for him. I thought, since it was not easy to get a job, I accepted the job. But once I discovered how smelly his dustbin was, I immediately regretted. It stank like rotten bananas! The owner first took out a few plastic bags, and then gave me a hose to wash the dustbin. I held my breath, and then started to wash the dustbin. After washing out the rubbish, I used a sponge to clean the insides. Yuck!

The funniest incident was when I was playing with a toddler. In his chubby hands was a strawberry that he never let go of. When I first played with him, we played with a few different toys, for example, a toy that gave out sounds when you pressed the buttons and a mouse and hammer game. I felt that the most interesting toy was a toy train that would give out music and go around on the floor. It also had a rotating belt that would make two big toy balls rotate in the train. Once, the toddler threw his strawberry inside the opening and nearly jammed up the whole system!

Job Week is very fun as we Scouts get to meet different people and discover what working is like.


B.E.T.S(Benny's evil twin sis) :)) 31 March 2009 at 16:20  

Alex,maybe you are lucky, much luckier than my brother.The first day of his failed terribly, he and his partner JingWan walked to ulu pandan..Guards says too early unable to enter the condominum, later they walked to mount sinai and it was no much better..And have you noticed they walked alot!
His jobs weren't interesting, i know Alex can you tell me where on earth did you do your job week so next year Benny doesn't have to suffer ;x

samuel 2 April 2009 at 19:46  

Hi alex, i want to tell you that you are doing well. Nice job. Too bad about the guy who asked you to wash the smells like rotten bananas dustbin. Good luck For Job week.

Chloe 13 April 2009 at 15:13  

I enjoy reading your blog. It's very well written. I don't think you seem to be writing compositions. I think it's close to perfection. Keep it up!

samuel 3 May 2009 at 18:27  

Good Blog Alex, I agree with what Mrs Tay has said, your blog is nice. Anyway, How's life? Good blog man!

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