Integrity Makes the World Go Round

In the recent Saturday newspapers, a few members of the public were asked to come up with six words that meant something to them. As for me, my six words are, "Integrity Makes the World Go Round". To me, integrity is extremely important. In order to do anything with others, integrity is very important, and very often, we have to work in groups-in school, at work, and even at home. For example, when you are doing a group project in school, you ask your teammate to complete the powerpoint in 4 days, and he promises to do it, but actually does not even start it, at the end of 4 days. In the end, your project fails because your friend did not do his part.

Also, integrity helps you find friends. Imagine this situation. There are two people and you can choose to make friends with either one of them. The first has lower IQ then the second, but he tells the truth all the time, while the second only tells the truth sometimes. Who will you choose to be friends with? I am not too sure about you, but I would choose the second. The first is not as smart, but at least, he can be trusted.

Integrity is also important at home. For instance, when something is lost at home, integrity needs to exist before the object can be found back. Anyway, lying will only make you cook up another story to cover up for your previous lies. As the Chinese saying goes, "天网恢恢疏而不漏" (all bad things that one does will be uncover in the end).

Integrity is the basic moral character one should have in order to be successful, make friends and be happy. In order for anything to work, integrity must be present in you. Integrity makes the world go round!


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