My Favourite Food

Everyone in this world has something that they like to eat. As for me, I like to eat chicken rice. Whenever I go to a hawker centre to eat, I would always eat chicken rice unless I have already eaten chicken rice during that day.

Occasionally, my family and I would go to the chicken rice stall at the Maxwell Hawker Centre to eat. There is always a very long queue outside the stall, so my parents usually have to queue for about 15 minutes before they can order the meal. The good thing about that chicken rice stall is that they rarely increase the price of their food even when there is inflation! The quality of the food is also very good. Some chicken rice stalls sell very expensive chicken rice but the food quality is bad.

The chilli and ginger sauce there is also delicious. I recommend you to go and try out this stall’s food.

People in poor countries like Africa and China cannot afford to eat as scrumptious food as we Singaporeans do. There are also very few poor people in Singapore. I pity them and I try do my best to support charity organizations that help those children that do not have food to eat.

If you are commenting on this blog, please share with me your OWN favourite food Thank you!


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