My Melbourne Trip

My mother woke me up from my deep slumber. I still felt tired as I was not adjusted to Melbourne time yet. I rolled on my bed and yawned. My family and I were in Melbourne for a holiday and the first three days had been really fun.
Just then, my father announced,"We are going to Sovereign Hill to find gold today!" I excitedly jumped out of bed and ate a scrumptious breakfast before leaving the hotel.

We climbed into our rented light blue Camry and my father drove us to Sovereign Hill. The ride there was a long two hours. When we reached Sovereign Hill, we took two brochures and studied them carefully. As usual, we planned our itinerary.
Our first stop was the underground Red Hill Mine.It was a mock-up mine but it felt very real. Certain parts were dark and scary and others smelt like damp earth. The highlight of the tour was a show. It was about a man named Richard Jeffrey and his discovery of the "Welcome Nugget", the second largest gold nugget ever found.It weighed a massive 69 kilograms!

Life in the mine was harzardous- there was a lot of dust in the air and there was a danger of the mine collapsing.

We finally came to the surface and I gasped for fresh air. Next stop- the gold panning creek. We saw many little school children already at work. We grabbed some shovels and scooped dirt into our pans. We then mimicked the swirling action made by my father.

Much to our disappointment, we did not find any gold nuggets. We tried again but to no avail. Just then, we approached a park guide to ask for advice. The guide showed us the correct way to pan for gold. He dugged deep into the dirt and put it into a wooden box to sieve out the heavier gold. Next, he panned the leftover dirt expertly and found 3 specks of gold. Oh, so we were looking for the wrong thing - gold specks, not gold nuggets !

Since it looked easy enough, I decided to follow his method. With renewed energy, I picked up my shovel once again. This time, I managed to find 2 gold specks ! I jump up with utmost glee and carefully wrapped up my "treasures" in a piece of tissue paper.

So much for now. I will write again soon!


The Oracle 24 January 2009 at 23:43  

What an exciting trip! Hope to read more of your posts.

Chloe 30 January 2009 at 13:47  

Hi Alex, your adventures in Melboure seems so exciting. I wish i can be there RIGHT NOW! I will be flying over to Melbourne at the end of the year. I will be visiting my sisters. I can't wait. I really long for the holidays.

Horselover(jy) 30 January 2009 at 19:57  

i went to Melbourne b4.

Eva Phoe 16 March 2009 at 20:26  

wow, Melbourne i bet how you felt there couldn't be explainable, right?

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