A Day to Remember

    The 21th of December was important day for me. Schools have model students, and I have a "model day" too. Yesterday was a fruitful day for me, and I have set it as a model to follow in the holidays. I opened my eyes at 7.45 a.m. and read the newspapers until 8.30, and my mother brought me out for a delicious breakfast at Holland Village. After my meal at Ah Koon Kaya Toast, we headed to my primary school, where I collected the 2010 year book and my PSLE certificate. We then drove home and started doing some work. My mother went through the Sec 1 Higher Chinese Textbook with me, and we easily read a quarter of it by 11.00 a.m. I was surprised that the textbook was so easy, and was thinking that the Chinese next year would be easy, until my mother reminded me that, through my brother's experience, the Chinese would be easy.

    After a short water break, I proceeded to do a blog post on an important milestone I made on the 20th, and I finished the essay in 30 minutes. Then, my parents and I went to a gym in my neighbourhood and we spent the next hour there. I did a variety of things there- sit-ups, running on the treadmill and using the cross-trainer. I found the cross-trainer the most tiring. I had been doing this for some time already, and I did it to keep myself fit. I enjoy my workouts there even though I will be exhausted by the time I finish, and there is even a television there to watch. After reaching home, exhausted, I took a break for lunch and started on my research for my second blog post on the current events happening on the Korean peninsula. Halfway through my typing, I thought about how much I had improved in generating my own ideas about a topic. I relived the time when I first started my blog and took hours to write an essay, and I had troubles even writing a 400 word event that happened recently. Now, I have improved much more and can write on more complicated topics now. I smiled to myself, happy that I have made significant progress in one and a half years.

    It was already three in the afternoon when I finally finished my post, and I practised my daily piano to relax. After I practised for 40 minutes, I rested for another 20 and I started on my mathematics at 4p.m, finishing after two hours. I then squeezed out 40 minutes for a current events discussion and headed for my tuition after dinner. We did a few questions on a video during the tuition and I went to bed directly after I came home. That night, as I gazed at the stars, I thought of the interesting day I had. I had done many things that taught me a lot that day, and I felt happy. If I had all my days like these, I would improve a lot in both studies and sports. I would also feel very cheerful. Before I fell into a blissful slumber, I thought the stars winked at me…


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