Singapore, the Happiest Place in Asia

    Singapore is a carefully interwoven web of people of all different ethnic groups, and the laws of the country are like spiders, binding the people together.

Singapore's has become famous for its paternalistic government which strictly enforces laws on the most trivial things, from chewing gum in public to failing to flush a toilet. Data from polls and studies over many decades form Gallup, The World Values Survey and the World Database on Happiness has shown that Singapore is the happiest place in Asia, although the city-state may not initially fit in with some people's notion of happiness. The people in the multi-racial society of Singapore feel that they belong and fit in. Citizens are able to trust their Government and police. Unemployment is low, and home ownership is high. Singapore is also able to provide green places in spite of having on of the highest population densities in the world.

Singapore now shows that feeling secure is more important than freedom when it comes to happiness. This means that citizens feel happier when they feel secure than when they have freedom to do anything that they want. I think this is because they rather be safe than have the luxury of doing anything they want.

Different people have different views about what happiness means to them. In Singapore, it seems that majority of citizens chase after the 5 C's- to possess a car, condo, country club membership card and cash. In my opinion, life does not revolve around these things or getting these things. There are other important things that I feel make me and others happy-the 4 F's. They are- fitness, friends, family and food. Also, I think that sufficient rest, routine exercise and bonding with family and friends are essential. Rest will ensure that people do not feel fatigued during the day and have enough energy to perform, while routine exercise will improve both your mental and physical health and will lower the chances of you having to fret over illnesses and bonding with family and friends will improve your relationship with them, thus making you happy.

Ironically, foreigners love Singapore's style of life, enjoy their holidays here and some even wish to immigrate here, while many Singaporeans complain about their current lives and say that they want to move out of the country. I think that we, as Singaporeans, should learn to appreciate the luxurious lives we have here. We are already very lucky to live in a country with a low crime rate, a good government, and a harmonious multi-racial society. Stop complaining about trivial matters and start trying to improve ourselves and climb upwards. Go, Singaporeans!


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