The Home of My Dreams

A spacious house planted in the city, facing a large forest, in a country with the four seasons, but as accessable and safe as Singapore. The perimeters are filled with a wide variety of plants forming a myriad of colours, and my school within walking range. This is my dream house.

My ideal home is one where things are neat and spacious, and gives me a sense of security. I would also like to call a place where everything is within reach "home". The distance from my school plays a big role in the location of my house. If my school is near home, I can go home easily to pick up things that I forget to bring, or can go home for a bath after an arduous day at school before my school's CCA begins. The large forest and plants, which are soothing to the eyes, will help me relax after my work. According to some, the fresh air from plants will help to rouse your mind and cause you to be more awake in the sleep and dreary mornings, before a long day begins.

Out of all the rooms, my study and my living room are my biggest rooms. Once I poke my head into my soundproof living room, I see a fireplace with a chimney in the shape of a horn, two fabric sofas, a touch-screen television, a furry carpet and a grand piano will be present. The fireplace will keep me warm and cosy on the cold and chilly nights, the sofas will allow me to sit and watch my touch-screen television, and my furry carpet will serve as a floor covering, and the grand piano will allow me to practice my daily piano to relax.

Strolling into my study room, I will see two bookshelves, one with books for relaxation and the other for academic related books. I will make my bookshelves remote controlled such that the book I want to take appear right in front of my face, with a view window to allow me to gaze at the deep green home for many wild animals opposite me. The view will let me calm down to relax after a long time of study. I feel that my white study room will give me a sense of calm and neatness, as my parents sometimes say, "A cluttered table is a cluttered mind."

Wandering into a room with chartreuse walls that is quite bare, I suddenly recall that it is my dream dining room in my ideal house. There is a retractable dining table that can extend to different lengths depending on the number of people eating. This table is unique. Since my dining room is beside the kitchen, food would be laid on the table that is in the kitchen and extend it out into the diners outside with a press of a button. This is much more convenient as food is brought out in one go, and does not need any people to move in and out of the kitchen.

When I feel the urge of nature calling me, I enter the long restroom, which is assessable from every single room, through an automatic door. The soap box is a large tank, where tubes lead to all the different sinks. To me, this is more convenient than most other toilets, especially public ones, where the two boxes are only located at the side, and are hogged by others.

Stumbling into another of my rooms, I find that is my air-conditioned exercise room, where the walls haematic and has a television installed, but this time, it is controlled by buttons on the gym equipment and in the swimming pool there. This place will allow me to exercise or wind down a little after my work. The pool can "change" shape- when a button is pressed on the small machine at the side, the bricks will move into different shapes, a random maze, a normal pool, or maybe even the shape of a magnificent lion, if you wish.

Yawning, I head to a place with slate walls, which is my bedroom. Installed with blackout blinds that has alarm clocks on them, and will zip up at seven every morning to let in the sunlight. The bed has shelves for me to put things that are interesting to me, like a crab's claw and gleaming souvenirs that I have bought overseas. The black walls help to enforce the dark colours of the night and allow me to sleep faster. A small but comfortable mattress would suffice as a bed for me, and beside it is a couch for me to sit and read my books or relax before going to sleep.

This house of mine will be fully powered by black cells that harness the sun's inexhaustible solar energy. Speakers are located in every room and can call the room another person is in. This helps me to find and talk to others in the house easily. Together, the mass of solar panels will gather enough energy to power the house. The multi-coloured rooms are to reflect the lively life I have, and the other objects act as a multi-faceted chandelier, reflecting characteristics like rays of light. When these rays shine into a prism, they form a person- me. I created this impression of an ideal home using my personalities, so this dream house will suit me well if I live here.

Together, the rooms, equipment, decorations, and everything under the roof of this house, form me and my ideal home- and one I would love to possess.


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