Poem On Old Major (Animal Farm)

Old Major said

Men were no good,

And wished so bad

For just a tad

Of freedom, when

Animals would rule forever.

The time did come

But not before

He kicked the bucket.

Old Major’s dream was shattered,

His hope lost.

Oh, how wrong he was back then.

He had said that

All the milk had been drunk

By the hateful bunch of Man.

Yet, when Napolean was in rule,

All the milk still had been drunk.

He thought that

All animals would be free,

When Man let them be

Oh, how wrong he had been!

For Napoleon had become

The tyrant, and the animals


Old Major’s life was so sad

For no one remembered a tad

About what he had done.

All his efforts seemed nulled,

His hopes and dreams liquefied.

Alas, what a sad life he had led,

For what he expected

Not having affected

The doomed future of Manor Farm


Unknown 16 June 2020 at 16:44  


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