Poly grads look to rack up experience

Straits Times, April 30th 2011

Many more polytechnic graduates have a preference to work for a few years before going back to school for further studies.

This may be because more companies are providing them with job offers that entice them to stop their further education on hold. However, some of them still decide to finish off their education before looking for a job. They think that it would be better to finish off their studies, or have the financial means to continue, while others feel that it is important to get some experience in working life first, or might not have the financial ability to fund their university fees, and have to obtain funds for it by working.

So, is it better to continue one’s education before entering the corporate world, or is it more preferable to start working first before continuing his education? In my opinion, I feel that the answer to this question is different for differing situations. When one is lacking money to continue his or her education, it is obvious that they need to work first. If one does not even have the financial means to go on studying, then there is no need to talk about whether they want to work.

However, for the students with the financial ability to continue their education, I feel that it is more important to start studying first. This is because, schools are a microcosm of society and the workplace, and it might be better for them to continue studying to get a better feel of how the corporate world is like. They can sharpen their skills at cooperation when doing group projects, and can improve their Emotional Quotient by trying to make friends with more people to understand how to react around different people to improve the relationship. When they have these improved skills, then they will have a significant advantage over their colleagues. Some of these students feel that it is a waste to not take on jobs that they are offered by companies at first, and are afraid that they will not be able to find back that job. However, with their improved skills, then it will be even easier to find another job, and even better, stand a greater chance to get another job that they have a passion in.

In my opinion, it would be better for these polytechnic graduates to continue their studies first before working if they have to financial ability to do so.


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