Wake up 30 Minutes Earlier Every Day

Today, I urge all of you to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning from now on. Why? Allow me to enlighten you on this.

I know that this is a typical day for some of you. “Ring!” goes the alarm bell, you gobble down your breakfast wolfishly, zoom down to the bus stop, and once again lose to the elusive bus in a game of catch. In the end, you reach school late. This is a bad start to a good day!

To break this vicious cycle, wake up 30 minutes earlier every day. I know that at least 75% of you will have problems waking up early in the morning. What can you do to solve this problem-causing situation? You can set multiple alarms that ring one after another or place your alarm in another room.

But first, before I decide to wake up early, what can I do in such a short time? You may ask. You can indeed do many things in this time. You can take a hearty breakfast. You can walk to the bus stop, and not dash there for once. You can avoid the morning crowd and reach school early. You can go for an energizing exercise. You can finish your undone homework. You can learn a music instrument.

So many interesting things can be done in such a short time. Time is precious. Don’t waste it sleeping. The time to reach school early is here. The time to improve your skills has come. The time to change your life forever is upon you. Wake up half an hour earlier from now on!


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